Pukekura News
August 02 Issue 3

As the entire population of Pukekura lay sleeping it was decided that there would not be a council meeting this month due to the fact that nothing was happening in Pukekura.

The Bushman’s Centre
Now has a covered entrance step made from split rock from the Wanganui River donated by Jim Arnold. Thanks to Jim, even though you didn’t know it was missing. The steps were constructed by Stone Masons from the Pukekura construction Co Ltd. The permit for this job was fast tracked through the Puke Council. The official opening of the steps was conducted by the Intercity driver, Mo, who was given the task of cutting the ribbon as he walks up the steps every day.

The Puke Pub : News Brief
Street signs have now been installed, work has begun on construction of the board walk to the tent sites, our expensive lawn mower (Hairy Mc’Clairy got yellow carded when he tried to pull the mayor’s finger off with his rope while being shifted.) Luckily business was quiet at the pub, otherwise porterhouse steak could have been our special of the week. The tree planters have returned now the rain’s back (The boys sure can’t pick their weather).
Meeting with Transit Friday 16th August. A meeting will be held at Pukekura between Transit representatives from Christchurch and West Coast MP Damian O,Conner and the entire population of Pukekura plus a few ringins, this is to discuss our proposal for a 70km speed limit through the town. Of coarse we will be given the heavy handed (you must do it our way) approach from Transit but we won’t be backing down (A sheep with a AK47 beats a toothless tiger every time).

Birth and Deaths
Long time staff member (Keith) died tragedy on the 7/08 after a short illness, Keith has worked at the Bushman’s Centre from day 1 of its conception in Hari Hari.; Keith was 12 in Possum years which makes him 110 human years. He had entertained tens of thousands of tourists. Due to his ailing condition Keith was given the silver bullet from the towns doctor (doctor death). Keith was buried in the garden, in the museum he had loved. He will be remembered by the thousands of photos taken of him by tourists from around the world. Staff request no flowers to be sent but $100 notes will be accepted to set up the Keith Memorial Trust. This will be to teach young Possums to look right then left then right again to try and reduce the road toll.