Pukekura News
Dec/Jan Issue 7

Council meeting held over a cup of coffee at the Bushman’s Centre after a busy day, 03/01/03. As the other councils close up over Xmas, we decided that why should we have to hold meetings over this time too. So this meeting, and the Pukekura news is for the Dec/Jan period. Bastard! Some Wanker in a Camper Van has just pulled up an interrupted the meeting, this charming individual drove off again leaving two black rubbish bags in our car park. One of them containing about 30 used disposable nappies, another day in the life of a tourist operator. Back to the agenda in the meeting.

Xmas Day
Christmas day, a time for family and friends, UNLESS you live at Pukekura. That’s the day that you put family and friends to work. A busy day at the Bushman’s Centre feeding four bus loads of travellers. The most famous being Richard Bryers from The Good Life, and Monarch of the Glen, who had lunch here with his wife. A real character who posed with the gang for a photo in front of the fireplace.

What does a man whom has everything get for Xmas and who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus? A WINDSOCK of course. The mayor of Pukekura received a bright red windsock to put on the hanger. We are now one step closer to having an international airport.

A car load of English immigrants (Justine’s, sister, husband, and family) have been staying with us at Pukekura swelling the town’s population. Besides giving them work experience at the Bush mans Centre, we left them in charge of the pub for 3 days while we took a well earned break to Christchurch.

Bushman’s Centre Director ties knot
One of the Directors of the Bushman’s Centre, Trevor, married Rachel on the 28 Dec in ChCh. The lad surprised us by turning up in a kilt along with his best man Deano, I never brought him up to wear a dress so that must have been his mothers influence going wrong somewhere. Deano is an ex kiwi experience Driver so with all the cross dressing that goes on at the Mahinapua Pub and the tricky situations he’s probably been caught in you could see where it may have rubbed off on him. Actually they both looked a couple of handsome buggers and I was proud of Trev to have found a good woman in Rachel. A good Scottish wedding followed with a few surprises (for the groom) near the end he was tossed in the air by a bunch of the lads to see if he was a real Scotsman. It was unfortunate for the unsuspecting guy he landed on as we weren’t told we were meant to catch him.

The tourist season finally kicked into gear just as we were winding down from the slow winter. We’ve been at this game for too long and have got out of kilter with the flow. To try and shorten the 14- hour days we have been working, we have decided to go to the Decimal system and invented the 10-hour clock. Now our 14-hour days have turned into 11 hours, our staff work longer for their hourly rate and wet days go by faster. There is always a down side to everything and we’ve found with our 10-hour clock, we get less hours of sleep and the sun doesn’t shine for as long.

Slack bastards
We would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas for last year that has gone and for this year 12 months ahead. This time of the year is great for people who are on holiday and have time to send out cards, but it’s a pressure time for those of us who have to work or don’t believe in Father Christmas (the big fat bastard has a lot to answer for). May the year 2003 be full of cheer, problems, presents, depts., peace, wars, and may you have disgust for those people you meet everyday who have a knack of screwing it all up for you.

Our computer whiz Jon has dragged Pukekura into the 21 century by developing a website for the town. This is for people who have nothing better to do than stare at a little square box all day. Good luck to all those box starers.