Pukekura News
July 02 Issue 2

This months council meeting was attended by the entire population of Pukekura, held in the front seat of the mayoral BMW on state highway 6, (number attending 2) in transit to Hokitika. It was decided that to prevent people getting lost in the town, street names should erected, this will take place when Puke Council staff can find some yellow and black paint.

New Bank
The Bank of Pukekura opened for business on the 14/06/02 with extremely uncompetitive rates. The Pukekura Bank Manager is expecting to have numerous junket trips away like his competitors in other banks.

The Bushman’s Centre
Since our last paper The Bushman’s Centre has lost another staff member. Rachel has found employment closer to home. She’ll be missed. The town work force is down to 5 for the winter months.
The Bushman’s Centre has received an up grade with a new deck and entrance. Progress on the Museum convertion is continuing.

Pukekura has hit the news in the July Issue Cuisine Magazine (page 42, in case you cant find it.)

Council Verses Council

Westland District Council
In our ongoing dispute with W.D.C. the latest rates have been paid less the 28% that we had threatened to withhold, no reaction back from them as yet.

Regional Council
Another battle looms this time with the Regional Council over perceived toxic site at the Old Pukekura Saw Mill. This one could turn nasty so it has been passed on to the lawyers.

The town has a new culvert pipe!
Transit squandered some of their 2002 Budget in Pukekura by digging up the blocked culvert under the main highway and laying a new one. They chose the wettest day of the month to do the job resulting in them running out of day light hours and working into the evening. The trench across the highway has developed into a judder bar, helping to slow traffic. It’s not what we asked for, but it helps.

Low Lifes
Recently Trev’s property at Duffers Creek was visited by some low life’s who broke into his caravan and shed and stole numerous items. The Police were notified but it seams these days they are more interested in working for the tax dept issuing tickets than catching crooks. Consequently the bottom feeders have returned and stolen the whole caravan this time.
The Pukekura detectives are on the case as the ones in blue don’t seem interested.