Pukekura News
May-June 02 Issue 1

It was decided at a council meeting at Puke, held in our hot pools on the 20/05/02, that what the town needed was a Newspaper. This idea was put forward by the Promotions officer, Justine. This is the first of what we hope will be a monthly Publication by the Pukekura Press.

Population Fluctuations
The towns population took a tumble with the loss of live in staff member Brian Cotton, whom has ventured south to pursue bigger and brighter things in Wanaka, we wish Brian all the best. The towns demise was short lived with the arrival of Brent and his tree planting gang whom has shifted in for the winter.

Council Verses Council
Following on at the Pukekura Council meeting, it has been decided to withhold 28% of the rates paid in this town to the Hokitika Council, which is the amount claimed to be used for the West Coast Visitor Information Centre & Promotions Board, as neither of these organisations promote Pukekura as part of Tourism on the coast.

The Bushman’s Centre
Changes on the way at the Bushman’s Centre to re-vamp our museum, these changes are hoped to be finished by August.

Progress on Transit Front
In our efforts to reduce the speed limit for safety reasons through the town are proceeding at Transit usual pace (nothing happening).
However after numerous faxes regarding a blocked culvert, which was causing flooding on the main highway, Transit showed once again that common sense is not one of their criteria, and rather than unblock the pipe, their contractors have moved in, and at considerable expense to the tax payers have decided to tear up the road and lay new pipes. Looking at the positive side they will have to reduce the speed limit through the town, at least whilst work is being done.

Puke Pub
Winter advertising program for the Puke Pub Wild Game Restaurant has begun with newspaper ad’s and the promotions officer Justine is doing a stint on National Radio.
A function was held at the Puke Pub, by a cunning Hokitika Baker, as a surprise Birthday Party for his wife. 30 guests from around the South Island attended and partied into the night. It was great for us to see the pub being used in this manner.