Pukekura News
November Issue 6

Council Meeting held in the pool, 21st Nov, under an umbrella, on a drizzly evening with a pint. (No glass aloud in the pools except in council meetings.)

During a fine spell of a few days this month we were quizzed by a German tourist as to why the grass is short. When told it was because we had a cold spring he looked back with a dumb look on his face, (as only Germans can do). He then asked a similar question. Why are people cutting the grass! If we had been the sick individuals we sometimes are, the reply would have been, to stop forest fires. He wasn’t to know that it was the first fine spell in weeks and everyone was out mowing their lawns.

Puke Pub
Business at pub has picked up with the smell of Justine’s cooking wofting around the clearing.

The Bushman’s Centre
Unfortunately The Bushman Centre is still lagging behind last year. Museum: has a couple of new exhibits, we now have the Bushman’s Outhouse full of surprises and a range to shoot possums (metal ones). Our new projector screenings are going well although we have upset a few couple of people who grew up in a box full of cotton wool. They have never seen Bambi tipped up by some bearded helicopter hunter (we were very diplomatic and told them to get over it and to watch the news every night were you will see a damn sight worse happing to humans).
Thank you to all those people who have been ringing in making an appointment regards to our answer machine message. We are fully booked for the remainder of this month.
Two more staff members were caught in the trap and put to work in the kitchen; Haley and Brad bring youth and enthusiasm to the work force, (you all lost yours years ago).
That dreaded time of year, well it is for us who work 7 days a week, Christmas, is only a month away, that means that the drunks get drunker and the banks are never open when you want them. In fact we’ve heard of bank managers deserting their post for up to three weeks.

Family Member
Justine’s son Jono has arrived home from university and has been put to work by the town’s employment service. His skills are on computers, not on lawn mowers. After 2 days he’s realized how hard he has to study to become a white collar criminal rather than a peasant. (For reader Wayne, long live the peasants).

Christmas Spirit
As we don’t get to see most of our readers for long periods at a time, we thought maybe a get together with the Mayor and Mayoress to shout you a Merry Christmas was in order (20th December 7pm). For those people that read this letter on the notice board, this is not an invite for every drunk and free loader that travels through Pukekura.

The rains getting heavier the council meeting is over and the beer has run out.