Pukekura News
September Issue 4

Pukekura Picture Theatre

Pukekura can now add a picture theatre to its list of things to see and do. The wide screen surround sound theatre has been a new feature of The Bushman's Centre Museum and will be used to show screenings of a hunting and live capture video to be produced by South Coast Video. There will also be screenings on a regular basis of current D.V.D’s of choice. No cow or tractor movies will be excepted from the local farming community.

New Staff
Two young Possums will begin work shortly at The Bushman’s Centre Museum. They are currently being cared for by a surrogate mother, thanks for all the Possums who applied for the job, there are still positions available for boot liners and nipple warmers.

Late news
The two possum applicants did not pass the vigorous training to become a member of staff at The Bushmans Centre. They both died in the process. We will not be changing our training methods and only young fit possums with SAS experience need apply.

Keith’s Corner.
Deceased member Keith has had his home for the last 10 years taken over by Whistling Frogs. Justine refers to them as Singing Frogs so we are now looking for some of them so we can start a band.

Pukekura Speed Limit
A call was received from Damiam O’Conner to say that it has been agreed by the LTSA that a survey on the speed of traffic through the township should be conducted.
At last we may be getting somewhere.

Population Increase
The Population of Pukekura has Temporary increased again with the arrival of our friendly Whitebaiters Kevin and Margaret here for another season. They usually manage to bring crap weather with them or does the Whitebait season co-inside with the crap weather. We wish them good luck with the fishing and hope they catch enough to entice them back again next year.