Pukekura, population 2 Pete & Justine: Mayor and Mayoress, law enforcement officers, cook and cleaner, gardner and rubbish man, doesn't sound so glamorous now does it?
We are the two who keep this beautiful little settlement in the bush, on state highway 6, running and developing.
Some days you may catch us stressed out, most days we're worn out, occasionally we pass out, but usually we are never out. We're here to make your stay in Pukekura a pleasant and memorable one.
The population swells during school holidays with the arrival home of family members, referred to as slave labour.  Update: Justin's daughter Katie is now living here in pukekura with her partner  Royden and daughter Amelia. Population growth. 150%

The Company Car

Produced by the DUZGO Car Company Whataroa South Westland, this is one of only ten ever made between 1974 & 1979.
Production stopped due to bureaucracy placed on the company by the N.Z customs department that classed the DUZGO as a new car (despite the fact they were built from recycled car parts) and demanded sales tax paid on those already sold. The company couldn't afford to do that and were forced out of the business.
At this time the company had orders for another 15.
The DUZGO is described as a precursor to the four wheel farm bike, they can travel over soft ground pulling a fair load, go anywhere and not leave deep marks on the paddocks.
This model was #8 of the production line, A 12 horse power single Kohler engine powers it.
It has 2 gearboxes, with 12 gears and 2 reverses.

Update: This little car is for sale ,enquiries please contact us 2013.


PUKEKURA LODGE: (03) 7554131
EMAIL: info@pukekura.co.nz

State Highway 6,
Lake Ianthe,
South Westland,
New Zealand.