Pete's Possum Pies and Pete's Possum Pate produced at Pukekura are now available for distribution to outlets through out New Zealand .

The possum used in our products have all been MAF inspected and processed though a certified plant according to New Zealand food standards. By eating a possum you are helping the New Zealand environment. We guarantee our pies are of a very high standard and have been entered into the Bakels Pie Olympics held in July 2004

We currently have a number of outlets in the south island and are now working in outlets in the north

These are a gourmet pie with a unique NZ flavour. Possum has been likened to the flavour of chicken, mutton, rabbit and even guinea pig. However we conclude possum tastes like possum.

We use a commercial pastry, flaky top and savoury base prices available on request. If you have an interest in purchasing this 100% NZ product, contact us by either phone or email.\


Since the making of this web page, We no longer sell Possum Meat in our Cafe'.

But for a donation we will give you one for free.

The donation goes to fight the stop of aerial  drops of Soudium Monofluoroacetate (1080)"Ten Eighty" a pesticide.

[Photo's coming soon]

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